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What fees am I charged?





Late Payment Fee

$15 or 5%

Per occurrence

If a borrower fails to pay us the full amount of any monthly payment within 10 calendar days of its due date we may charge a late fee of 5% of the past due amount or $15, whichever is greater.

ACH Return 


Check Return Fee


Per occurrence

We will charge this fee if bank transfers (ACH) or checks are returned or fail due to insufficient funds in your account or for any other reason. Each attempt to collect a payment is considered a separate transaction, so an unsuccessful payment fee will be assessed for each failed attempt. The bank that holds your designated account may assess its own fee in addition to the fee we assess.

Origination Fee

0% - 12% of the principal amount


This is a one-time, non-refundable fee that will be deducted from the loan proceeds before they are delivered to the borrower


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